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DJ Rich’s Very Latest Cuban Audio Playlist

Hosting two of the capital’s longstanding Cuban nights and invited to play at all the major Cuban events in the country, Rich is one of the foremost UK DJs specialising in contemporary popular Cuban dance music – salsa, timba, son and cubaton.

September 2009

For your pure auditory pleasure, a delicious selection of recent demo tracks that will thrill you to the core. Included in the selection are new tunes from Elito Revé, Maikel Blanco, NG La Banda, Pupy, Paulo FG, Sur Caribe, Los Van Van, Bakulaye, Charanga Forever,Bamboleo & Tirso Duarte to name but a few!

Many thanks, Rich

You can catch Rich spinning his magic at the following London-Salsa venues:





Richard Fallon

Richard Fallon

Richard Fallon