Jennyfer and I had a great evening this evening! I loved the class and so much appreciated doing relatively few moves but going through them thoroughly - infinitely preferable to a vast number of bewildering twists and turns executed badly which is my usual class norm at other venues- I felt I really learned something.

The lovely Amanda was also really encouraging as was confidence-building Mark whom I danced with later on. Hope very much to come back again soon. Tina, Fulham

"Just want to say a big thank you for the workshop on Saturday on behalf of myself and Andy... we felt like we learned a lot and had loads of fun learning the basics of salsa with you!"

Definately feel prepared for our Cuba trip now! :) Alex, Derbyshire

“Really friendly door staff, bar staff, teachers and DJ! Really welcoming atmosphere...lots of gorgeous, friendly men to dance with! Also liked the venue…….perfect for intimate chatting to friends at tables, interspersed with dancing. Johnny G's music always does it for me!” Imogen Moore, Salsa-UK

“We really enjoyed last nite. Juan was in his element. Teachers are excellent.” Jan-Marie, Thornton Heath

"I learnt salsa with you at the Two Brewers for a few months during my stay in London, it was honestly the highlight of my London experience! I'm now home in Australia and am attempting to find a salsa venue here, although I cant find one even remotely similar. Perhaps you could just move to Australia and teach here - that would solve all my problems!! Briony, Australia

“Thanks for last night......everyone was so nice... teachers, other students, we'll definitely be back.” Amy Nguyen, Black heath

"I really love the Two Brewers, it's such a friendly place. We've been to a couple of other places, but think what you do here is something special." Sarah, Clapham


Photo of Ify and friend


Photo of Elder Sanchez and friend


Photo of two salsa dancers at Latin Palace