Tips for learning salsa dancing

Tips for learning salsa dancing

The good news is that it is relatively easy to learn salsa dancing and most experts consider it to be the perfect dance for beginners. Here are just a few tips that will hopefully encourage you to take the plunge.

The first thing that you really need to know is that you don’t have to have a partner to learn salsa dancing, you can just as easily learn the steps on your own. Most instructors will actually start you off learning the steps by yourself. Once you have become much more confident with the steps, then the work can start with a partner. Once you are more confident and are working with a partner you will be able to try different varieties of salsa dancing. It is a good idea to keep in mind that there are versions of this dance that come from Colombia, Puerto Rico and Cuba, as well as the hybrid styles that have appeared in salsa clubs all over the world.

Get the right clothes

There are no specific clothes that you should wear for salsa classes – all you need is Something comfortable and that gives you free movement, something flowing or loose is ideal. Opting for a style such as maxi dresses is perfect. Most have that loose fit that you need so that movement isn’t restricted. Just make sure that they are not too long as you don’t want to trip over a hem. When searching for the ideal dress, consider how it will look with your salsa shoes

However, the main thing that you should get is shoes. A shoe with a small heel and a flat sole will be perfect. The flat sole allows the dancer to achieve a smooth turn. This is important because there are steps that involve quick and tight turns. The smooth sole also reduces the possibility of any injury while completing the movement.

Once you’ve mastered the steps and you’ve got the clothes you’re ready to go – it’s time to hit the clubs and show everyone what you can do.