Does Zumba Help or Hurt Your Salsa Practice?

Does Zumba Help or Hurt Your Salsa Practice?

Zumba is a common dance that is practiced in the gym and sometimes it is usually scheduled at a time that salsa classes will normally not hold. For instance very early in the morning or at noon. This means that after your Zumba class, you can still make time for your salsa dance in the evenings. Zumba has some history with Latin dance especially salsa. It is a fun kind of dance and falls under the cardio exercises.

However, it is very different from salsa because you don’t need a partner to enjoy the dance. Many salsa dancers will agree that Zumba helps them improve their flair. It is an exercise that also improves your strength, flexibility, choreography and it would also help you get better at salsa. Other salsa dancers don’t agree with this. They believe that Zumba disrupts your salsa practice.

There is no yes or no answer to the question of whether Zumba affects your salsa practice but one thing is clear, that Zumba will help keep you fit. It won’t affect your classes in as much as one practice doesn’t get in the way of the other. Salsa dancers will definitely benefit from the physical fitness they get from Zumba.


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