4 Ways Shines Can Make You A Great Dancer

4 Ways Shines Can Make You A Great Dancer

Have you ever thought of how perfect footwork can make you better at dancing salsa? Everyone knows that salsa is a couple’s dance and if there is a great connection between the dancing partners it makes the dance amazing. Being connected with your partner and having perfect footwork makes it even better.

Here are four ways that Shines can make you look good:

Perfect Timing

One thing you should know is that dancing requires a connection. You need to connect with the rhythm of the music when you dance. Your footwork has to move perfectly with the beat of the song playing. This is a skill you will need to learn before you can even consider having a partner. If you’ve mastered the perfect timing for every move, it makes you a great dancer.

Take Away Fear

Sometimes people exercise fear that during the fast-paced dancing they may break off from their partners. This fear only makes things worse because you end up losing focus on what you are doing. To take away this fear, embrace Shines by learning the perfect footwork that will give you confidence on the dance floor.

Adapt to Different Speeds

When dancing salsa, you need the energy to get yourself moving fast. It isn’t very easy to take easy m, slow and controlled steps when dancing. With the right shines , you would be able to move as fast and as slow as you want to.


If you look at some Salsa dancers as well as cha cha and bachata dancers, you will see that they usually feel very comfortable and free when they dance solo. You can get immersed in the music when dancing to each song alone. When you do it alone, it is easy to follow the rhythm of the song without having to direct or lead anyone. However, it can be difficult mastering how to move in line with the pianos, horns, percussion, melody, vocals and breaks.