Are Free Salsa Classes A Good Option?

Are Free Salsa Classes A Good Option?

Have you ever wondered about attending a free salsa class? Studies have shown that people normally don’t value anything that comes free. Even if the class cost a dollar, it would be more valuable than a free class. You can skip a free class but not a paid class.

Also, a free class tells its toll on the teacher. It might seem that the idea of holding a free class will be to draw the attention of more people to want to learn salsa. This is usually not the case because the students won’t show up, they won’t value the class and the worst part will be not even respecting the teacher’s time.

Giving It Away

The fact that a salsa dance class is free does not mean that it is a poor quality class or that it won’t last. There are, however, some times some clubs hold free salsa classes. The club owner hopefully will be getting a lot of crowd at the club because people want to watch and learn but at the same time buy drinks. In this case, the class is free but they would still pay in a way in the form of drinks. The dance instructor gets paid a cut to cover charges while he also gets to teach.

This does not mean that the class is free because a free class does not have fringe benefits attached to it like the club. Real classes take place in studios which are very expensive to operate. Most teachers will prefer a discount class or donation based class because they get more consistent students coming by unlike a free class.

Freebie Options

There are always many options for people looking for a free salsa dancing class. There are also many online videos and you can even get live instructions online at an affordable price or even for free. There are teachers that offer classes via Skype. It is actually more comfortable having these classes on video for the teacher than managing a large group of people. Not everybody can take group classes because of factors like proximity and nervousness.

It is not always good to write off a dance class because it is free or looks a bit suspicious. What you will need to consider is not only the quality of the classes but also how comfortable the atmosphere is. Is it a place that has all the amenities that will make you comfortable during your dance class?.