How to Find a Dance Partner

How to Find a Dance Partner

It’s not really an easy task finding a dance partner especially if you are planning for a salsa competition. Looking for a dance partner can feel like starting to go out on a date all over again. You can start by looking around at the people closest to you. You can choose a partner from your dance class, from the studio or a salsa club.

Here’s how you can find your ideal dance partner:

Should be someone you can compete with

If you’re planning for a competition, you need a skilled partner. You can find any of your contacts around you from the studio or dancing class. If you still can’t find anyone, ask around and let people know you are looking for a partner.

Someone, you’re comfortable with

You need someone that makes you feel very comfortable. It is not just about looking for someone to dance with but someone you can connect with on the dancefloor.

Someone to agree with

If you are looking for someone to be your dance partner, then you know that you both would have to agree on things like practice time, meeting places and dance styles. If you can’t agree on small matters, how then do you compete together?