How To Learn Salsa Dancing On Your Own

How To Learn Salsa Dancing On Your Own

Have you thought of learning how to dance salsa without having to go to a dance class? Then you are in luck. We have some tips that will help you get started on your way to becoming a salsa dancer. Although, if you want to get better at it, it’s usually best to enrol for a dance class and it doesn’t mean it is impossible to learn on your own.

Mount a mirror

If you are new to the dance, you would want to try doing body rolls against a mirror. You should aim at peeling yourself off the flat mirror. At the beginning, you will need to learn the upward and downward rolls because they are very important. Doing the upward roll and downward roll helps you strengthen your muscles so you can do excellent rolls when dancing.

Work On Your Abs

Doing sit-ups constantly will also help you while you are learning to dance salsa. It helps you get great balance with your toned abs. You will need balance so you can move smoothly on the dance floor. Doing sit-ups will also make you a pro at spinning. It also gives you more control and you get the benefits of overall fitness.

Watch Other Dancers

Another way to learn this dance is to watch the way other salsa dancers are moving. You can watch dancers online or watch them live on the dance floor. Learn more than just the basic styles that you are familiar with and see how other dancers express this dance all around the world. You will find out that there are a lot of dance styles to learn in salsa.

Try Body Isolations

Here you will need your mirror again to do body isolations. You can stand in front of the mirror moving every part of your body one at a time. A slow cha cha music will give you the right rhythm to isolate your movement and each movement will take 8 counts. The more practice you get, the better your movement will be on the dance floor.

Record Yourself

Having a video camera can be of great use when you’re trying to learn salsa on your own. You can have a friend over to do a video of you dancing salsa in the studio with a partner. This is so you can take a look at it after the dance and see how well you are doing it. When you watch your dance, you are able to see your mistakes and work on improving yourself.