Best Yoga Poses for Salsa Dancers

Best Yoga Poses for Salsa Dancers

Yoga practice has a lot of benefits and part of it can be seen in salsa. You may be asking what kind of yoga pose will help salsa dancers? Every kind of yoga is good for dancers. Yoga helps your balance and is a good way to improve your flexibility, endurance, concentration as well as your strength.

Also, when you do pranayama yoga (breathing exercises) it helps you stay calm all through the dance. This type of yoga improves your lung capacity especially when you are going to go through all-night dance parties. If you are able to control your breathing, then you can keep your heart rate steady.

If you are new to yoga and you want to start improving your dance pose, you can start with these yoga exercises:

Bridge pose/Wheel

Salsa dancers must build a strong back, especially if you want to work on flair. The bridge pose exercise helps your back and gives you the C-shape your spine needs. This yoga helps the spine because most times the joints around the spine get fused together which explains the slapping sound you hear when you move your spine back and forth. To do the bridge pose exercise, you will lift your hips up in the air while your back (shoulder area) remains flat on the floor.


Also, the legs are another important part of the body for salsa dancers. All the muscles in the lower part of your body are used when dancing salsa especially when you wear high heels. The horse yoga works on the muscles in legs. If your legs are strong, you will have stamina on the dance floor.

Mountain Pose

This yoga is good for correcting your posture and is a good exercise to start with. When doing the Mountain pose, you are standing with your leg hips apart while your shoulders butt and feet are in perfect alignment. It is very difficult to do and sometimes it feels strange when your head goes far back to align with your spine. You can do this easily by standing against a wall and keeping your head, shoulders, butt, and feet flat against the wall.


This yoga pose is also referred to as the corpse pose. If you’re new to yoga, you will find it quite challenging keeping a still pose for a long time. The main reason for yoga was to engage the body and work it out to prepare for meditation that would last for hours. The savasana doesn’t take hours but just a couple of minutes.

If you are practicing yoga at home, you can try these yoga techniques to help you become a better salsa dancer and to also help you stay fit.