Salsa: How Old is Too Old?

Salsa: How Old is Too Old?

If someone says “I’m too old to dance salsa”. What would be your response? The right thing to say will be no one is ever too old to dance.

Age does not disturb your will to dance. If you are passionate about salsa, then nothing stops you from having a go at it. You can choose to dance all you want even at hundred years old. Some people limit themselves by thinking that at a certain age they don’t need to bother with dancing and that it is only restricted to younger folks.

The truth, however, is older people enjoy dancing even more than those that are young. Why so? Well, younger people would want to go dancing because they want to learn a dance or they want to develop their bodies while older people are just doing it for fun.

Another thing is, when a young person learns how to dance, they become passionate about it and begin to do it for competition. They begin to think about dancing to win while older people will dance to make sure their body adjust to their movements.

Dancing is not bound by age and you should enjoy it for as long as you can while you live.