Why Dance Salsa?

Why Dance Salsa?

Salsa dancing is an inclusive past time activity that is suitable for anyone regardless of his or her physical abilities. Even though salsa is an excellent way to let loose and have some fun, it does offer a range of fantastic health benefits. Salsa is unique in many ways considering that it not only offers the health benefits that come with aerobic exercises, it also allows you to get social.

The benefits derived from salsa dancing, like with most exercises, largely depend on the type of salsa you are doing. The difficulty level of a salsa dance and of course your dance duration also contributes to the health benefits it offers. That said, here are some reasons why salsa dancing could be right for you.

Boosts Metabolism Level

Everyone would want to burn extra calories. Even though most people start relatively slowly in salsa dancing classes, it often ends up being a great workout activity for them. Even better, a salsa dancing session is, by far, more exciting than running on a treadmill. The moment you have your dancing shoes on, you do not have to worry about looking at the clock and wishing that time was up.

Reverse the Ageing Process

Salsa dancing is one of those mind-body workouts. As such, both your mind and body benefit from dancing. Your heart, for instance, is significantly strengthened by the cardio you give it. As you perform those intricate moves, you also strengthen your bones and muscles in the process. This way, you reduce the chances that what causes osteoarthritis and its effects on the body joints will catch up with you. Overall, keeping your body fit is vital to making you look younger.

Enriches Your Social Life

Salsa has been practised by many for centuries now. Enrolling in a salsa dancing class, you will quickly appreciate that your new hobby will usher you into an exclusive community of dancers. You might be surprised to realise that both teachers and students will be more than glad to help you. Through your interactions, you will undoubtedly be able to grow your social circle.

Boosts Self Esteem

Salsa dancing involves making numerous interplays with members of the opposite gender. Even without noticing, you will gradually grow more confident with yourself. On the other hand, the attention salsa dancing brings while dancing can be somewhat intimidating. This means that you will grow your self-esteem as you learn how to handle the stage fright that comes with the attention received during salsa dancing.

That being said, salsa dancing can be demanding on your part as you try to cope with the pace and dynamics of the class. But with persistence, you will grow to be a better dancer as you reap the rewards that come with this past time activity.